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Sunday 17th March, 2024

With 32 years Chartered Physiotherapy experience Andy has spent the last 20 years assessing over 14,000 riders, ranging from elite Olympic athletes to complete amateur novices riding in all disciplines. From these assessments, Andy has identified three different types of pelvic asymmetry and correction that have a profound effect on both rider and horse performance, this forms the basis of the Testt® process.

Andy will provide a one-to-one Testt® assessment, offering an on-horse analysis of your riding and the identification of your specific Testt® asymmetry type. Andy provides a comprehensive Physiotherapy based solution to correcting your pelvic asymmetry issues, as well as a rehabilitation plan to enable you to maintain this correction, thus improving your ridden performance and the movement of the horse.

To book an assessment with Andy please visit the Testt website using the button below.

The arena hire costs here at Riverside for your Testt assessment are as follows: -

Initial Testt assessment (1hour) - £10

Follow up Testt assessment (30 mins) - £5

Once your Testt assessment booking has been confirmed, please use the button below to pay for the arena hire.

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