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Test Riding & Dressage to Music Clinic

Sunday 30th April, 2023

A day of dancing!!!

Wether you want do a long arena test riding session, practice an existing test to your music, create a new floorplan or even have the music created....

All this will be possible all day here at Riverside using our new state of the art speaker system along with the the knowledge and experience of Gill Liggins and Michaela Preston. A representative of 'Dancing Horses' will be on hand to discuss music options and packages.

Option 1 - Test Riding or normal lesson (With or without music)

The test riding session will allow you to ride through any long arena BD test or your existing freestyle test (with your music) and then recieve feedback in the form of a BD dressage score sheet. You then have the opportunity to be guided through any chosen movements with the aim of improving the horses way of going within that particular test. This is a 30 minute session and costs £40.

Option 2 - Floor plan design

An hour long session where, with the help and guidance from Gill and Michaela, you will create a floor plan at whichever level you wish. Once the floor plan design is complete, a recording will be made (on your own device) so that you can take it away and have your music created at your own leisure. Cost £60.

Option 3 - Floor plan design and music

The same as option 2 but with a meeting with 'Dancing Horses' to discuss and order your music package.

There are 2 music packages to choose from: -

“I know what I want” package - So, you have 3-4 songs that you absolutely love and you know that the tempo of the song works with your horses strides…We can slice the tracks and merge them together (with seamless transitions) and make them work perfectly with your test. - £150

“Please be creative” package - This package is for the dressage rider who can’t quite make up their mind on which songs to use. Maybe your creative juices just aren’t quite flowing or you love an artist that much, you just don’t know what tracks to use! Well, in this case, just tell us which artist/theme/genre you love and we will create something special for you! - £175

In both cases, music tracks and CD’s will not be supplied until you have proofed the music with your floor plan and that your 100% happy with the outcome. We hope to have all music creations ready in around 2-3 weeks.

For more detailed information on both the packages, please visit

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