SDU Festival of Dressage

Sunday 8th May, 2022

We are delighted to announce that we are now a venue for SDU Festivals of Dressage. SDU is a group for lighthearted dressage chat and fun for those of us just enjoying the sport. To give support to each other online & at competitions.

'Unaffiliated Dressage' competitions are a great way to get started with competitive dressage and can also be used to prepare your horse for eventing or affiliated dressage competitions.

This competition is run under British Dressage Rules.


Class 1 - ‘Have A Go’

 Choice of test, either Intro B or Prelim 7

Relaxation of the usual rules with the following applied: -

  • Additional time to ride around the arena before the test is ridden

  • Callers and outside help allowed

  • No publication of scores

  • No eliminations of any entry no matter how many mistakes are made

Class 2 - Intro A

Class 3 - Intro C

Class 4 - Prelim 12

Class 5 - Prelim 18

Class 6 - PYO from Novice 27, Novice 28, Elementary 42 and Elementary 44 (If more than one test is done by any one competitor, only the highest score of the completed tests will eligible for placing)

Classes 2–6 are regular unaffiliated dressage with Riverside rosettes to 6th place.


Class 7 – PYO ‘The Dream Test’

Any long arena test from Preliminary to Grand Prix.

Same relaxed rules as Class 1.


All classes on the day receive SDU rosettes to 3rd place, all competitors receive a SDU badge and a treat is awarded to each equine companion.

All entries made below....Both the ‘Book your test’ form and payment must be completed before entries can be accepted. All classes £17.50

​Entries accepted until 5pm on Friday 6th May, unless the competition fills up prior to that date. Times and Results will be available to view on our website.

REFUND POLICY: Withdrawals will be accepted up to close of entries, whereby a refund will be given minus a £5.00 admin charge per test.
Late withdrawals and ‘no shows’ after close of entries will not be refunded under any circumstances unless the event is cancelled.



Book Your Test

SDU Festival of Dressage - Sunday 8th May

You must provide us with your name, your horses name and the class in which you would like to do.

Thanks for your entry!