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Friday 23rd June, 2023

An opportunity to improve your alignment and balance with Michaela Preston.

Individual or group sessions running from 10am until 4pm.


Polework is good for improving balance, control and steering. It also requires precision, so it can help to refine your aids (and your horse's reaction to those aids), which benefits everyday riding and is also great gymnastic work for the horse.


Gridwork exercises for horses can help improve their jumping technique, as well as tackling specific problems, such as horses who rush, horses that frequently knock poles down in front or behind, and those that lack confidence or are just starting to learn how to jump.

Benefits of Gridwork: -

  • It encourages your horse to be more reactive off your aids and make a better shape over fences.

  • It improves his rhythm over fences.

  • It helps you both to improve your balance.

All sessions will be held in our large ouitdoor arena.

Individual £35 for 30mins

Shared (2 people) £30 each for 45 mins

Group (3-4 people) £25 each for 45 mins

To check availability please drop us a message or email us at

To book, please click on the 'Book' Button below.

POLES & GRIDS: More Info
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