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'Babe' the Equicizer

Our mechanical horse!

‘Babe’ the Equicizer is a hand-crafted mechanical horse that simulates riding so you can improve overall fitness and practice skills. After all, horseback riders are athletes too!

Every athlete has a means to train and practice their skills. Baseball players have batting cages, basketball players can shoot hoops in their driveway, golfers have driving ranges; if you are a cyclist, a stationary bike is the obvious choice, but what about horse riders? The solution is the Equicizer!

The Equicizer allows riders to work and exercise specific areas of the body and muscles needed for riding horses.

What is the Equicizer?

  • The Equicizer is a safe, beautifully hand-crafted non-motorized mechanical horse that can be used anywhere by almost anyone!

  • Built with extreme quality and durability, this is the only novelty piece of exercise equipment that you may feel the desire to call by name, pat on the neck or even hug!

  • Each Equicizer is hand-crafted from high quality wood, custom steel components and other durable materials and hardware made in the U.S.A.

How Does the Equicizer Work?

The Equicizer has a spring balanced mechanism that is easily activated and controlled by the rider’s level of effort and fitness. Riders can use the correct riding seat and leg muscles that virtually bring the Equicizer to life! When in motion, the Equicizer simulates a real horse’ movement, allowing riders to exercise, stretch and practice technique and improve body posture and positioning, fitness and confidence in a safe, controlled manner.

The secret to this mechanical horse’s ability to improve your strength, balance and coordination is that you, the rider, make it go! Now you can improve your position, suppleness, flexibility, core strength and fitness, while doing ‘perfect practice’. with or without stirrups, or ride bareback! Riders can use their hips, or “core” seat and leg muscles to initiate the walk, trot, or canter motion. This exercise works all those horse riding muscles in your legs, abdomen, back, everywhere!

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Each 'Babe' session is unique to each individual as the possilbilities with 'Babe' are endless. Wether it be rider alignment, confidence issues or rider excercises, we can tailor your session to your needs!

Please complete the form below giving us as much information that you feel is useful and we will contact you with a session plan and price.

'Babe' Session Enquiry Form

Please tell us how you would like us to tailor your mechanical horse session to meet your specific needs.

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