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Day Camps (INDOORS!)

with Gill Liggins and Michaela Preston

9am – 5pm, Sunday 8th and Monday 30th October, 2023

Instead of having a rigid timetable of events during the day, we are offering a 'menu' of activities which you can pick and choose from. You can pick as many or as little as you like. The following activities are available to purchase and all will be held indoors, please click on the link at the bottom of the page to book your slot(s).

Polework is good for improving balance, control and steering. It also requires precision, so it can help to refine your aids (and your horse's reaction to those aids), which benefits everyday riding and is also great gymnastic work for the horse.
This is a 30 minute session @ £35.

Babe - Rider Biomechanics.
‘Babe’ the Equicizer is our hand-crafted mechanical horse that simulates riding so you can improve overall fitness and practice skills. After all, horseback riders are athletes too so it makes sense that you work on yourself as much as you do your horse!
​"The way, in which you position your limbs, how stable you are and how you are able to influence your horse is done through the biomechanics of your body". We achieve this by taking you away from your horse and analyse your positioning and balance, using Franklin Balls and Bands to help rectify any issues.
This is a 30 minute session @ £40.

Franklin Method Equestrian session.
Equestrians need to be coordinated and balanced in their own bodies to be able to adequately adapt to the constant movement beneath them while riding. They also need to be mentally focused in order to connect and communicate with their horse.
The session combines anatomical embodiment and imagery to improve awareness, train the mind-body connection, and produce efficient movement with the use of Franklin Balls and Bands.
With practice in this method, equestrians become more aware of not only their own movement, but also the movement of their horse. Consequently, the connection between horse and rider becomes more clear and precise.
This is a mounted 30 minute session @ £40.

Dressage Lesson.
Flatwork by far is one of the most important things to focus on with any horse young or old. Its benefits are not only rewarding, but with a good Flatwork foundation you will in turn see massive improvements.
The lesson will be carried out inside the white boards of a long arena.
This is a 30 minute session @ £40.

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